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Dog and cat food comes in all shapes and sizes, and fulfils the various needs of all kinds of breeds, young and old. Canifors has developed healthy and fully nutritious food for cats and dogs. Food containing everything that dogs and cats need without a prohibitive price tag. Welcome to Canifors!

Canifors has been created out of love for dogs and literally means "canine power". It is our aim to provide top quality dog food for all types and breeds at a realistic price.
Canifors contains all the required nutrition, vitamins and minerals without any surplus additives at unnecessary costs.

Canifors is produced in the Netherlands and meets the highest European standards of quality. We do not deliver directly to consumers but work together with a network of distributors.

Would you like to profit from an outstanding product with good profit potential? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to discuss the possibilities of you becoming a Canifors distributor.

The Canifors Team
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  • Canifors Vitality
  • Canifors Digestion
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  • Canifors Performance
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canifors kattenvoerNew addition to the Canifors range: cat food

“Real value for money” cat food. A well-balanced and complete cat food, for all breeds and ages.

Canifors extra onder de aandachtExtra attention

Wellbeing of your canine friend, the 6 golden rules:
Consistency in the upbringing - Composure, Hygiene, Regularity - Exercise, 3 walks daily - Attention & Reward - Quality food 2 x daily - Free access to fresh water