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Canifors places a great deal of value on effective collaboration with distributors. For this reason, we offer you value for money in every way. Canifors distributors benefit from the following advantages:

- Low inventory costs and high rate of inventory turnover
You only need to stock one type of dog food (pup & adult).

- Attractive profits
Because Canifors is produced efficiently, we keep costs down and can offer you an above-average mark-up for products in this market segment, and this at a lower retail price.

- Long shelf life
Canifors is packaged in special bags that properly preserve aroma and taste, and the food is protected against moisture and pests.

- Satisfied customers
With Canifors, your customer gives his best friend the best nutrition at a fair price

Would you also like to take advantage of these benefits?
We are eager to discuss the possibilities of you becoming a Canifors distributor. Complete the following form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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canifors kattenvoerNew addition to the Canifors range: cat food

“Real value for money” cat food. A well-balanced and complete cat food, for all breeds and ages.

Canifors extra onder de aandachtExtra attention

Wellbeing of your canine friend, the 6 golden rules:
Consistency in the upbringing - Composure, Hygiene, Regularity - Exercise, 3 walks daily - Attention & Reward - Quality food 2 x daily - Free access to fresh water